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What to expect when you come into Owasso computer repair for service. Upon arrival to the store, you will be greeted by one of the staff members they will collect some basic information and the nature of the problem and give you a very high-level overview of what the need might be they will explain to you that there will be a diagnostic charge that will go towards the repairs should you choose to accept. If it is a hardware related issue such as a broken laptop screen or a laptop battery replacement, we will get you the costs of the parts and an expected shipping time frame for you. No work will be started until you agree for us to perform the services you require did in some cases it may require payment up front for hardware only. We offer veterans discounts senior citizens discounts and nonprofit discounts that will be applied toward our hourly rate we can perform most laptop repair and a PC repair that you will need we will always make recommendations if we see other issues that cause any performance or security flaws in the system we provide services such as virus removal malware removal ransomware removal we can also install an antivirus solution or the more advanced endpoint detection and response. We can also provide computer backup solutions that are cloud based or local. If you also have any hard drives that have failed, we can diagnose the issues and potentially recover data through a data recovery process although it may be expensive if you have valuable data it is worth it.  Our goal is to help ease your computer repair issues and provide you with satisfaction and the comfort of knowing you were taken WellCare of. We can also provide more advanced services through our Shepard Technologies company. We can assist you with printer installs and and make sure that your printer is communicating properly on your network or with your PC or laptop should you have trouble with your Internet at home and your wireless setup we can assist you with the proper system for the size of your home and your needs. If your computer or laptop is running slow, it is often a faulty hard drive. One way to increase the speed of your older PCs is to replace your standard hard drives with a solid-state drive also known as SSD it will prolong the life of your laptop or computer and will better protect your data.  We can also assist you with your needs remotely or, to your home or business and assist you. If you need on-site assistance there will be an additional hourly rate. We also value your feedback and if you are unsatisfied or had a great experience we ask for you to provide that feedback through a Google review or Facebook this helps us better our services and know that our clients are well taken care of.